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From the moment of the proposal, your thoughts will be flooded with a cornucopia of images, designs and ideas of what your day will look like.

Where do you start? Who do you contact? How much is it going to cost?. We at Weddingaz see this as your opportunity to begin a journey and give you a mind-blowing start to your dream wedding. How much or how little Weddingaz does is entirely up to you. We can either grab the bull by the horns, or upon your request, grab the whole bull!

Wedding planning is a specialty for Weddingaz, if you choose to book a full event with us, we will provide wedding planning free of charge., leaving you to worry about nothing apart from your wedding outfit. From thought to paper to reality, Weddingaz will be the guiding hand to coordinate and plan your wedding with the professionalism needed for an event with a lot of moving parts.